Global Workplace Recovery Sites

Over 3,000 Alternate Workspace Locations in 120 Countries.

Keep your business up and running with flexible and guaranteed workspace through our Workplace Recovery Partner, Regus. 


• Ultimate Flexibility

Depending on the crisis, customers determine the best recovery site at the time of the event, because no one can predict what is going to happen and where. This means customers can recovery close to the office, close to home, or neither based on the event. This improves the probability of employees being able to get to a productive work place during a crisis and therefore improves the ability for companies to be resilient.

• Guaranteed positions

The first shared workplace recovery offering that can guarantee a position within a certain area during a crisis. To do this, Regus leverages the over 100,000 positions of spare capacity in Regus Centre's throughout the world through innovative inventory and demand management processes.

• Operationally Resilient with no Hidden fees

With a network of over 3,000 office locations in 120 countries, customers are provided with an innovative solution to workpspace recovery with the highest level of operational resiliency.

• Professional and Productive Office Recovery Environment

Customers will have access to fully furnished office spaces in business centers that are fully functional 365 days a year. They will be provided with a highly professional work enviornment for business continuity. 

  • Technology

 If you have a needd for back up computing hardware, we can include our quick ship service with the office space for a complete workplace recovery solution. ImagIT Recovery Services will obtain the customers image and maintain an updated copy throughout the contract terms. Computers will be devliered at the designated alternate workspace location, same or next business day, pre-imaged and installed with all neccessary software.