ImagIT Recovery Services provides quick ship and technology recovery services for business continuity. 

About Us

ImagIT Recovery Services offers business continuity solutions including fast delivery of necessary computing hardware for uninterrupted work in the event of a disaster. Unlike most companies with only a few centralized depots, our depots are strategically located across the globe to ensure hardware delivery within 24 hours or less in almost every country worldwide.

We’re able to support multinational corporations, as well as, small local offices by utilizing our parent company's – ImagIT Solutions, more than 380 technicians and engineers.

In addition to our quick ship services for hardware recovery, we also partner with one of the industry’s leading shared workspace providers, with a network of 3,000 office locations in 120 countries. Our workplace recovery solution provides our clients with a flexible recovery plan for alterative workspace by allowing them to determine which office location would work best at the time of recovery.

Our business is built on great customer service, quality support, and fast response times. We would love the opportunity to bring our knowledge and experience to your business!

It’s about always being two steps ahead. One CAN plan for the unexpected
— Brian Gardner, CEO